Tent Rental Pricing

The need for a tent can come up at any time. You may have bad weather, size restrictions, overflow, or you just simply may want to throw a big party under a tent. The Tent Co. provides many solutions for any size or style you may need. There’s no event we can’t handle, feel free to send us your crazy requests.

Description: Frame tents are free standing structures with no center poles inside. They expand in 10’ , 15’, and 20’ increments depending on width of the tents.

Frame Tent Sizes

Sidewall Size & Price

Description: Clearspan Tents/ Fabric Structures / Structure Tents are designed with aluminum roof rafters which are connected with aluminum purlins. The materials are high grade, lightweight aluminum, and steel alloys for added strength and better wind rating loads than a pole tent or frame tent can withstand. There are no interior or exterior support columns anywhere in the tent.

Structure Types


Structure Options/Accessories


Marquee Tent Sizes

Description: Marquee or High Peak Tents have a distinct stylish look that embraces the festival or circus feel to them.

Tent Extras

  • Water Barrel: $7
  • Weighted Water Barrel: $20
  • Water Barrel Cover: $10
  • Call for more options

Delivery Fees

  • 5 to 10 mile Delivery Radius: $50
  • 11 to 20 mile Delivery Radius: $100
  • 21 to 30 mile Delivery Radius: $150


Tent rental pricing may differ depending on many factors. Installations may be difficult due to challenges found at event sites. These may be obstructions, labor associated in carrying equipment a long distance, and extra machinery needed to complete tasks on hand. We may also find time restrictions that can alter pricing. Tents will be properly anchored on any desired surfaces in the form of water barrels, anchors, stakes, and cement blocks if needed. Charges will apply if special anchoring methods are required.

Some of Our Customers

Need to Create a Custom Tent?

Want to get creative? You’ve come to the right place. We understand many like to think outside the box and so do we. Click below to learn more.